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We hope our online booking system and information on the website will be very easy to use and straightforward.


There will always be questions though as we might not cover every concern and so before contacting us, please look at the FAQ's below to see if your question is answered.

    Our booking system is now live and yet the vans will be available to hire and collect from Friday 26th April. Please book your van now to ensure it is available for when you need it.
  • Where are you located?
    Hometown Vehicle Hire are the van hire business on your doorstep, located in Petersfield. Our location is Heath Farm, Heath Rd East, Petersfield GU31 4HT (behind the Feefo building). If you do have the What3Words app, our location code is pass.infringe.conductor
  • How do I book?
    Our preferred booking process is via our online booking system, which has a link to it on every page of our website in the header at the top... "BOOK A VEHICLE NOW" or start searching for availability of a vehicle straight away via the Booking Form included in the image on some of the pages of the website. If you are having any troubles with the booking system, please either email us on or call on 01730 719810
  • What vehicles do you have to hire?
    Our fleet will continue to expand with demand to try and accommodate all requests. At present we have a range of vans from small vans, (Short Wheel Base) up to large vans (Long Wheel Base and then Luton size vans with tail lifts. Please check the Vehicle Hire page on the website for more information.
  • What age can I hire a vehicle?
    At present, the standard age range to hire one of our vehicles is 25-69. We can offer hire to people younger from the age of 21, but you will have to have a higher excess put on to the booking as part of our insurance requirement. People who still wish to hire a vehicle who are between 70 - 72 will need to contact us so we can check on further information to fulfill our insurance requirements. Email or call us.
  • Can I still hire a vehicle if I have Driving Offences on my licence?
    Our insurance cover does have some restrictions on which drivers we can insure. Please make sure you read our full Terms & Conditions to ensure you will be covered. Section 8 of the Terms and Condition are relevant to the Insurance and yet please find a copy of the section included below covering the main restrictions. 8.5.3 Major Driving Convictions Persons who have been convicted of ANY MAJOR conviction during the past 5 years, or have any such prosecution pending are NOT acceptable. Major conviction codes: AC10 – AC30 BA10 – BA60 CD40 – CD90 DD10 – DD90 DG10 -DG90 DR10 – DR90 IN10 LC30-LC50 MR09 - MR59 MS40-MS90 NE99 TT99 UT10 - UT50 UT50 XX99 8.5.4 Minor Driving Convictions Persons have been convicted of ANY MINOR conviction are acceptable without referral subject to the following: - Drivers aged 21-22: must be free from endorsement. - Drivers aged 23-24: are acceptable only if they do not disclose more than one MINOR conviction within the last 5 years. - Drivers aged 25-69 (75 for cars): are acceptable only if they have MINOR convictions within the last 5 years which total 6 points or less. Speeding disqualifications up to 6 months within the last 5 years and MINOR convictions which total 7 to 9 points within the last 5 years are acceptable with an additional £400 excess. Minor Conviction codes: CD10 – CD30 CU10 – CU80 LC10 – LC20 MS10 – MS30 MW10 PL10 – PL50 SP10 – SP60 TS10 – TS70
  • Will the vehicle have breakdown cover?
    Yes, all of our vehicles will be covered by RAC Business Breakdown. The cover will include Roadside and At Home, Recovery and Onward Travel and Battery Replace. In the case of a breakdown, while hiring one of our vehicles please call the Breakdown & Accident Helpline - 0333 202 3000 and give your registration number.
  • When can I return a vehicle?
    When booking, you will specify a return time which the vehicle needs to be returned by to ensure you do not incur any additional hire fees. The site will be open to return vehicles at any time and there will be a secure key drop box located at our office to drop the key back.
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