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Vehicle Hire

At Hometown, we have been offering awesome customer services to clients and customers for over 12 years with our various business ventures.


During the global pandemic, whilst our event business was prohibited, our polite and friendly Hometown team shifted their professionalism to the business of moving and clearing and set up the successful Hometown Logistics.


We are proud our clients consistently gave us 5 star ratings for our services with our usual enthusiasm for ensuring everything we do is “awesome”. The Hometown team made moving your items easy, affordable and reliable.


After needing to hire vans ourselves many times, we have decided to bring our awesome attitude and levels of customer service to a vehicle hire business, which is now on your doorstep in Petersfield.

With a smooth on-line booking system and our team on hand always being respectful, polite and presentable, we hope to give you the best vehicle hire offering ever.

We look forward to seeing you soon and hiring you a van!

Vehicle Hire from Hometown


Realise you need to hire a vehicle to complete your task.


Visit our website and choose the vehicle to fit your requirement. 


Book quickly and easily via our on-line booking system


Collect your vehicle
on the day from our Petersfield location.

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